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Gina Harlow and the Cutthroats were icons in the hey-day (1970’s) of Punk and Nuevo Wavo, in New York City. Their shows at Max’s Kansas City, CBGB’s, Trax, Heat, Hurrah’s, and The Mudd Club were legendary. They shared the bill with The Heartbreakers at Max’s Kansas City, at SNAFU’s they shared the bill with the Johnny Average Band featuring Mick Ronson, they headlined the Beacon Theatre to a sold out audience, and performed at the original Copacabana several times.

Gina Harlow & the Cutthroats – Live on Stage became one of Billboard magazine’s “Recommended LP’s” when it debuted in 1978. The record was recorded in 1977 at Max’s Kansas City (the legendary New York City Punk/Rock club). The band consisted of Gina Harlow: Bass and Vocals; Jesse Davis: Guitar and Vocals; and Nick Fuse: Drums. It was released with no overdubs, preserving the raw and live sound of a new group in its infancy; it was recorded on their fourth performance.

The group was a classic in the Punk Rock genre all songs are original and reflect the social climate of the 70’s. They performed high-energy rock, the musical theme was a reflection of the era, served up with social, political and religious satire, and it was a
highly visual stage show.

The group disbanded in the 1980, Gina Harlow continued to perform in New York, until 1985. Then, she disappeared…it was reported that she lived in an undisclosed location, with wild and savage head-hunters, until 2011, when Elvis came to her in a dream…Well, she answered his call and she’s back, watch out, she’s wild.

In 2012, Gina Harlow ran for President, on the T&A Party, which she formed in response to the Tea Party/Republican Party.