Gina Harlow and the Cutthroats

Gina Harlow and the Cutthroats
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Gina Harlow in black dress with name

Plans have changed for the release of the new studio recording. Coming out in Spring 2017 will be a double CD, the Best of Gina Harlow and The Cutthroats.

Stay tuned to this website for further announcements.

“We are still the cutthroats and this group is super red hot.” The same wild and sexy Gina, with a new band! Gina Harlow announces “I will run for president in 2016, I have switched parties, I am now running on the Orgasm Party, I want America to come together…”

Click here for tour dates. Gina Harlow and the Cutthroats original “Live on Stage” – LP has been re-issued on Vinyl by Raveup Records. For the 1st time ever, you can purchase a digital copy. Available right here – to purchase and download the entire album – go to the Store.

Also, Never before released live tracks for various gigs circa 1980 – 1982. And, 3 songs from a Gina Harlow EP 1985 “Gina Harlow Solo” are available.

Vinyl LP record is on Rave Up Records. The famous nude photo of Gina is still on the cover, the record was recorded live at New York City’s famous icon Max’s Kansas City, in 1979.